Starrluxe Yacht Charter


To get the most out of your chartering adventure, it is best to understand every aspect of the process. Starrluxe combines professional and real-world experience when guiding our clients through every stage. We can offer verified opinions and tips for every charter through our own experiences and expert connections.


We listen. Tell to us your likes and dislikes. Your wants and want nots.  


We will present to you multiple yacht and crew pairings along with our recommendations and transparent pricing details.  

Starrluxe Yacht Charter


We are experts. We know the yachts and crews and will match your needs with their abilities.


Once you have selected the yachts and dates of travel, we enter the final stage of review. All aboard!  

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Let’s chat. We believe in doing business over the phone or in person as much as we can so that we can fully understand your needs and you can ask questions and have a sound foundation of the process and the details involved. In this step we listen. We ask questions . We explain the entire process in detail. This is our time to learn about you and what you are looking for in a yacht charter vacation. Your timeframe for travel. The number of passengers. Likes and dislikes. Expense bucket.  


This is where Starrluxe adds its value as a partner to you. We are different. We do the work, not you. Many brokers send you out to search whereby we do the searching for you. Afterall, we are the experts.


After canvassing the available yachts based on your dates and desires, we outline in extensive detail your options as well as our recommendations and why. It is important to keep in mind that it is not always the yacht that you are choosing. The crew is critical component to an amazing vacation and not all crews are the right fit for all ages and personalities. That is why the discovery phase that we do is so important. In many cases, the crew is more important or the deciding factor in the yacht selection. It is our job to know the crews, to know you and to create the perfect match.  


Post presentation discussion. What did we get right. What did we get wrong. What special needs are to be addressed with the potential yachts of choice. This is where we grind out the details and consider selection of a yacht of your dreams.


Congratulations! You have selected a yacht and are ready to book. This is where again we separate ourselves from the competition. We are all about educating you on the contracts, guest manifest, provisioning worksheet; extending our white glove experience. You will not be left alone to figure this out! We are extremely detailed and the value of it will be understood once aboard and reflecting on the journey.  


At this step we introduce you to the crew for additional and final preparations for your charter. They will work directly with you on fine tuning your provisioning desires, your itinerary plans and any other special requests you may have. We are also here to provide any assistance on travel recommendations you may need. We have several partners who are able to assist and likely at discounted prices. 


The day has finally come. The process of looking at various gorgeous yachts and making that hard choice to pick that perfect yacht and crew has been so exciting. The paperwork process was made to be extremely easy and you have been looking forward to this tip for months. Life is good!