Starrluxe Yacht Charter
what to pack
Yacht charters are vastly different from any hotel, resort, cruise or home rental you have otherwise vacationed. Life is simple and room on yachts can be limited. Minimize packing to only the necessities, pack smart.
  • documents

    Store in a dry, waterproof or resealable plastic container:
    • Charter Contract
    • Passport/VISA
    • Plane Tickets
    • Drivers License

  • Luggage

    Only soft sided luggage, backpacks and duffle bags.

  • Clothing

    • Cotton light colored shirts/shorts
    • Summer dresses
    • Rashguards
    • Board shorts
    • Several swimsuits
    • “Smart Casual” for dining ashore (trouser shorts, collared shirts, summer dresses)
    • Windbreaker or light rain coat
    • Cover-ups/sun guards

  • Grooming Kit
    Grooming Kit

    • High factor sunscreen (oil free is best, NO SPRAY sunscreen, no tanning oils)
    • Most yachts will provide eco friendly shampoo, body wash, soap and lotions. Inquire.
    • Lip balm with SPF
    • Insect repellent wipes. NO SPRAY
    • Toothbrush/paste/floss
    • Deodorant
    • Aloe/burn cream

  • Shoes

    • Barefoot is preferred while on the yacht
    • If preferred, white soled rubber shoes or sandals
    • Black rubber soled shoes or stilettos can stay home
    • Water shoes

  • Accessories

    • Polarized sunglasses
    • Croakies
    • Hat or visor

  • Electronics

    • Camera in waterproof case
    • Smartphone with waterproof case (if needed)
    • GoPro or underwriter camera
    • iPad/tablets
    • Chargers
    • Extra batteries
    • Favorite CDs or DVDs

  • Other Essentials
    Other Essentials

    • Ziplock bags
    • Dry bag
    • Prescriptions
    • Beach bag
    • Souvenir bag
    • Crew gratuity
    Extra cash for excursions or other needs

  • Starrluxe Yacht Charter
    items not to bring

    • Expensive jewelry
    • First aid kit
    • Make-up
    • Hair dryer
    • Navigation tools
    • Bath or beach towels
    • Spray sunblock or tanning oils
    • Spray bug spray
    • Illegal drugs or substances
    Worries (remember that STRESSED is DESSERTS backwards!)